Thursday, July 30, 2015


Sometimes my love of crafts brings high expectations. People from all around the village come to my cottage with ideas and drawings of things they would like me to make. I have yet to turn someone away, though I think that patience is growing thin. 

I do enjoy making things, and I get very excited when someone brings me a challenge. But what do you do when a challenge is too...challenging?

The other day Mikey the gnome sent me a letter.

Dear Crafty, 

As I'm sure you know, my eldest princess has a birthday in about four months. I thought that this would be a sufficient amount of time for you to create her desired gift. Attached is a picture that should serve as an outline for the project. Hope you are well.


 As you can probably imagine I was very confused. What was this strange creature? I decided to contact The Great Wizard Google for more information.

"AH HA!" I cried.

It was called a shark, but what form did the child want it? A blanket? A pillow? A stuffed friend for adventures and such? So I took to my magic mirror and called up Mikey.

"What form would you like for the shark?" I inquired.

"I apologize," Mikey said. "I thought I had written in the letter that it was to be a sleeping pouch."

"Oh a bag for sleeping?!" I exclaimed. "How wonderful! I'll start right away!"

So now I am gathering my supplies for this new project. I just hope I can get it done in time, along with all of the other projects I have going on. Luckily those are mostly hats and small stuffed toys.

Well wish me luck on my journey. I shall keep you all posted on my adventures.
Remember, Never give your word on something that you are not absolutely sure you can achieve.

- Love Crafty

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